Humility, a jewel of the heart.

 Lets talk about humility….

Humility is like a rare jewel. As a jewel is hidden behind the mud before it is found and wiped clean, so is humility of spirit, hidden by our flesh, by our pride and ego before we are wiped clean by the word of God in our hearts. Knowing that God humbled himself, by giving us the treasure of His heart Jesus Christ, who thought of us first before himself.

Humility is like a rare jewel.

People sometimes think humility is being quiet, not talking back, agreeing to everything etc….I know I use to think this when I was younger. But God shares with us that being humble is a another ball game, and if you want to play it, you can’t just kick the ball around you must score. How do we score, you may ask… practice thinking of what others need first before wanting to jump ahead rather than just knowing of humility. Its not the easiest because we all want our needs met at times, but we can do it by the grace of God that is sufficient…yes I had to put sufficient in no

Humility elevates one to a place money, labour and pride can’t take you. Why? because God is humble, he won’t tell us to be something he is not.





Lets take off our fleshly layers that speak out first when we are in situations or just living life. It will want us to pursue honour, respect, love in ways that keep our hearts dark and not full of light. I thank God for humility because I can be at peace in all things while getting honour..Praise God.


I love the scripture that highlights ‘Before Honour, is humility’ Proverbs 15:33. It lets me know that before I can taste and eat Gods abundance, riches (not just and glory for my life and family I must key in to being humble in all things. Allowing it to flow from the heart which God sees not just being humble with action to please man, but the heart is saying something else.

Remember we are a bride daily getting ready to met our Bridegroom who sees us in His image. I know no one wants to be married or engaged to someone who does not regard their words, beliefs and lifestyle… So lets honour God and get that jewel out of the mud.



3 responses to “Humility, a jewel of the heart.”

  1. God help me walk in humility EVERYDAY, EVERY MOMENT, EVERYWHERE in Jesus name. Amen


  2. Humility is admirable and honourable when it is genuine.x


    1. Indeed. That’s why it comes from the heart. X


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