Offence..a road block in our journey


People are always getting offended when something happens that they don’t like. This stops one moving forward and allowing friendships to blossom.

This is something God has been and still is teaching me about by His grace.

Why get offended?

What made you offended in the first place?

Do you feel like your person has been attacked?

Are you only understanding things from your OWN point of view or reasoning?

If you can answer these questions and all answers end up being about YOU. Then you can learn how to not get offended and let things slideeeee. Most times its not intentional when one does or says something, even if it is intentional lets not let go of our integrity to retaliate but learn to not put our selves out there as before to allow someone to have that opportunity continuously.

When offence comes on board, we lose being our true selves and allow situation’s to distort our character and person that we are still build up everyday.

So remember Offence will surely come but let us strive to not take offence towards God and man. (Acts 24:16)

Offence towards God is being annoyed or upset with Him for not doing something you wanted Him to or are saying you did so for this person why not me….

A lot of people get offended with God because they are in competition with others, they rate their own life based on someone else’s. But we should not do so, God has a purpose for us so we should walk with Him in that, not walking with other peoples purpose in our minds as if it is our own. That only makes one point at God like why haven’t you done me this etc.

Things are not always about us us us.. let things be and move forward without having things block us or our anointing.


Love God and people in all things. Life is always brighter and happier that way 🙂


2 responses to “Offence..a road block in our journey”

  1. So real! I struggled with this at a time, sometimes I still do but messages like this put me right back on track. Thank you.x


    1. Praise Jesus. He will help us.x


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