Bride for Life not just for a day

Every lady wants to be a bride for a day, to choose that beautiful dress and ornaments that will make her stand out, hair style that compliments their dress and the rest goes on. Its a lovely thing yet after the day it fades away, dress in attic or suitcase till maybe a daughter may want to wear it..we But then that’s it we see the pictures in our albums and walls and smile.. saying oh! I looked good. A sister came round mine and complimented my appearance with the words ‘You were on point on that day, hair,make up, dress…’ I now want that to be Gods words to me in

The joy I have is that I can always be preparing myself for the next big wedding who you ask.. To the Bridegroom of all bridegrooms Jesus my Messiah.

Yeshuah haMashiach-Jesus Christ
Yeshuah haMashiach-Jesus Christ

So all the preparing and excitement of looking good we can have that as we prepare our hearts with his words for life till he calls us home. The Spirit and the Bride say come..YEESSS.

Remember his words are embellishments, ornaments to our inner man  🙂


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