Unique You, Unique Couple

il_570xN.368274221_8jjbBeing a wife and husband is being the unique self that you both are and were before you met. It’s not a role that one starts to play as soon as they are married and then maybe with children.

But it is a quality both already have, using their uniqe character and personality to nurture each other and their children. Meaning their character and personality is being strengthened in the journey.

People think you have to act like another person when being a wife, mother, husband, father. But the secret is in the people being themselves and working together to get great results. Strengthening each others person(ality).

At the end of the day,we are sowing a seed of ourselves within each other and our children and the fruit will tell if we were truly being ourselves as a wife /mother/husband/father or acting as someone else we have seen.

Let us rely on God our creator to teach us to be the wives, mother’s, fathers, husbands he made us to be when he blessed us with these blessings in our lives.

Lets remember that God maketh rich and addth no sorrow. We are together to be rich and not to be in sorrow. When He adds and increases unto our lives he does so to give us joy (husband+wife(+children).

Though it’s not all smooth always we can rest in Him that gave. Praise Jesus


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